Buy from auction

BSMO provides a gateway to global markets through D2C and Social Media marketing,
providing an enhanced business perspective and more extensive customer base.

  • Register to our Auction System

    Create a user account on the BSMO Auction site. You need only your email, and telephone number

    Sign up

  • Make an initial security deposit

    ● Send the minimum security deposit of 1000 USD or equivalent to 100,000 JPY, and get access to the list of cars in the auction. (Bank account information link)

    ● The customer must cover all bank transfer charges.

  • Search and Send Bid List

    ● Check the list of cars from the auction stock and send the bid list by clicking on the "Make BID Button." (Auction page Link)

    ● You can modify, cancel and confirm the bid list at least 1 hr before bid time.

  • Full Payment after successful BID

    ● Once the BID is successful, we will prepare an invoice for you to make the payment by BANK TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER (TT) within three business days.

    ● The initial deposit must be deduced from the total C&F unless the client wants to use it for the next bidding.

    ● If we cannot make a successful bid, the security deposit will be fully refundable or allocated to the payment for the reserved order based on the customer's request.

  • Shipment

    ● After receiving full payment, we will immediately begin the export arrangements for the first vessel available.

    ● We will send the vehicle documents to you or your agent by DHL courier a few days after the ship leaves Japan.

  • Pick UP

    Take delivery of your vehicle at the Port, and send us your testimony here.