Can I have an immediate login to view the auctions?

You certainly can. Go to this page, and within a few minutes, you can view the Japanese used car auctions.

Why do we need to buy a car from Japan?

Vehicles usually have much lower km (kilometers) than cars outside Japan of the same age. Cars inside Japan are driven on weekends mostly. Roads and highways suffer from traffic jams, and parking space has limits whereas public transport is convenient and reliable; therefore citizens do not use their cars often.

Why is it better to purchase from auctions?

Japanese auto auctions give you the largest range of cars to select from. Auto Auctions run from Monday to Saturday, having more than 120 auctions across Japan, providing you with more than 130 000 cars to choose from. Selecting a vehicle from auction means you choose your dream car yourself, not having some stock pushed onto you by the salesperson.

How can I start buying cars from BSMO Motor?

First of all, registration is essential. It is free and takes only one minute to register. After you have access to all auto auctions in Japan, an experienced sales officer will be happy to explain the whole process from purchasing the unit to shipping designated port.

Auction bidding process

Where do you source your car from?

We purchase used cars directly from Car Auction Houses in Japan.

Can I buy through your company as an individual, not a dealer?

You certainly can. Our sales staff will guide you through the whole process

Am I bidding live on the auction myself?

No, you are requesting BSMO to bid for you in the Japanese auctions. Even though you bid with us, this does not guarantee that BSMO Motor will bid. We may not. In these circumstances, we will not bid:

A. There is a serious correction on the auction sheet about the vehicle from the auction. We will not bid on the vehicle unless we get your feedback about the auction sheet correction. Again, this applies to severe corrections, not minor corrections.

B. Your account is not up to date according to the contract of the Terms of Trade.

I don't understand Japanese; how am I reading the auction sheet?

We don't expect you to understand the Japanese auction sheet. We translate every vehicle for you before purchase and will only purchase when we are sure you understand and are happy with the translation.

Not all auction sheets are the same, are they?

No, different auction houses have different auction sheets. Kindly check the sample here.

What should I do if I put a bid on a car and there are faults written in Japanese on the auction sheet?

BSMO Motor will never bid on a vehicle unless it is happy that the customer knows the vehicle's condition. For this reason, BSMO Motor provides a translation service to inform its customers of the vehicle's condition so the customer can decide on its quality.

When will I know that I have bought a vehicle or not?

BSMO Motors will let you know on the day of purchase. The bid result status will be updated in your account.

Can I cancel my purchase?

Yes, you can, but some charges may occur depending on the cancellation time.

Is it possible for BSMO motor to recommend vehicles from auction to buyers

Yes, our sales team can recommend the most wanted and good quality cars based on your budget and desire.


What kind of payment methods do you accept?

BSMO Motor Company accepts telegraphic transfers (T/T) to our bank account (bank details can be found in any invoices issued by BSMO Motor). In addition, we work with digital payment as well.

Can I pay by installments

No, we do not allow payments by installments.

Who covers bank transfer fees and PayPal commission?

The Buyer is responsible for covering all fees and commission. Please consult with your bank about the exact amount you would like to transfer.

How long does it take to reflect the payment in the BSMO Motor account after TT date payment?

For TT it takes from two to three business days for international transactions.

I have sent my deposit; when can I bid?

As soon as your deposit has arrived in our Japan bank account, we can give you bidding rights.


How will I ship my vehicle? Do you do shipping?

Yes, BSMO Motor takes care of all the shipping; it is part of the whole process.

When will my car be shipped?

Your car will be shipped as soon as the documentation is cleared and the CIF payment has been confirmed. Kindly check our shipping schedule here and also check your user account.

What shipping line will you use?

We use any shipping lines. Check the following link to see the shipping line information and schedule. If you also have a preferred shipping line, tell us, and we will use that shipping line for you.

How long does it take for the car to arrive at my destination?

Depending on the destination port, it takes 4-8 weeks for arrival from the purchase date. We will do our best for fast shipping

Which counties are you able to ship cars to?

Thanks to our good relationship with the shipping companies, we can ship to any country which accepts used cars from Japan.


Can I find and purchase LHD vehicles from auto auctions?

Yes, in Japan, we have LHD vehicles. However, the number of units is limited. The sales officer will assist you in finding desired cars.

Can I find cars from Europe and USA is a Japanese Auction house?

Yes, the Japanese use European and USA-made vehicles, but the stock is limited for some models. Contact our sales team for more information.